Torrone Candy

Torrone Bars

Our imported Italian torrone bars are supplied by the popular brand Oliviero near Avellino, Antica Torroneria Piedmontese a fourth generation Sebaste company - Gluten Free, Sorelle Nurzia from L'Aquila, Industria Dolcaria Quaranta in it's 90th year - Gluten Free, and Strega Alberti Benevento with over 150 years of expert workmanship.

During the winter holiday season look for Fiasconaro, and Flamigni as well as nougat from around the world - Storz, Vital, and Vadeboncoeur.

The nougat bars come in a large selection of consistencies and flavors including hard or soft, almond, hazelnut, limoncello, pan di Spagna and gianduia. If you want to try a variety of flavors, we suggest our torrone sampler, which includes six bars of the most popular flavors.

Wrapped in foil, packaged in a decorative box, or in clear cellophane, these bars are the perfect size and easy to cut so there’s no need to take out the hammer and cleaver.

Many of the items that we stock are only in stock during the winter holiday season. If an item is out of stock, please check back soon or ask to be notified when the product is back in stock.