Torrone Candy

Soft Torrone - Soft Nougat

Soft and chewy torrone, called torrone morbido or torrone tenero, is made with honey, sugar, and egg whites and is available in slices, bars, torroncini, and cubes. Soft Italian nougat also comes in a variety of flavors and is a great alternative to traditional hard torrone. Try some imported Italian torrone nougat from top brands. Oliviero, Fiasconaro, Antica Piemontese, Ferrara, La Florentine, Strega, Sorelle Nurzia, Quaranta, Flamigni and more! 

Need help cutting your soft torrone without ruining it? Find tips for slicing it here.

If you prefer your torrone to be hard and crunchy, click here to see our torrone friable options.

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