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Torrone Candy

Biscotti and Taralli

Biscotti is derived from the Latin word for "twice-cooked" and has a long history in Italy, dating back to the Roman Empire. Historically, dough was rolled into a log, baked, sliced into wafers, and baked again to make them dry and crunchy. Biscotti were the ideal portal food for soldiers and travelers alike because they were less likely to spoil.

During the Renaissance, biscotti began to be flavored with almonds and other spices. In Tuscany, these biscotti are known as cantuccini, while the term "biscotti" is now used generically to refer to all types of cookies in Italy.

The imported Italian biscotti we offer - crunchy cantuccini and amaretti, or soft mostaccioli, - are perfect for dipping in hot chocolate, coffee, or a glass of vin santo. Try a variety of Italian cookies during the holidays.

Taralli or taralluci simply put are Italian pretzels.  A common snack in southern Italy, they are usually formed into small rings or ovals.These crunchy, addictive snacks come in many different flavors.