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We encourage our customers to read the labels on each product before consuming them if they have a dietary or allergy concern. Many of the products that we carry may contain traces of other nuts, wheat, eggs, soy, gluten, milk and/or sesame or are produced in a facility that also processes these ingredients. We are currently in the process of putting the ingredients of each product on the site but please continue to check the labels. If you would like specific information on a particular item, we are happy to check the product label for you. Please contact us. Below are some frequently asked questions about the products we sell. 

Are any of your products safe for people with nut allergies and/or peanut allergies?
We cannot ensure that our products are safe for people with nut and/or peanut allergies as the large majority of the products that we sell contain nuts, peanuts, and/or nut extracts or are produced in factories where such ingredients are being used. Products may contain traces of other nuts. We strongly encourage you to check the individual product packaging for ingredient information before consuming these products. If you have questions or concerns, we're happy to check the labels before you order. Please contact us.

Do you offer any sugar-free products?
While we have not found a sugar free torrone that we like we do offer sugar-free candies. If you have a sugar-free product you’d like to suggest, please contact us.

Do you offer any gluten-free products?
Yes! We carry gluten free torrone and candy. Click here for our selection.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us.