Preserving Italian Culinary Traditions for over 30 Years!
Preserving Italian Culinary Traditions for over 30 Years!
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Croccante, Chocolate, Specialty Desserts & Candies - View All

We offer a variety of Italian chocolate-covered nuts, confetti almonds, crunchy croccante, hard candies, Italian licorice, candied orange peel, and chocolates, all imported from Italy. Browse our selections from Serra, Leone, Oliviero, Perugina, Vergani, Sperlari, Antica, and more for the perfect items to add your candy dishes, Easter baskets, and Christmas stockings!
  • Sesame Croccante - Torrone Candy

    Sesame Croccante

    7 reviews

    From the Oliviero family near Avellino, Italy this sesame croccante is the perfect afternoon snack! 4 portions Crunchy snack Made in Italy 4.58 oz

  • Confetti Jordan Almonds - Torrone Candy

    Confetti Jordan Almonds

    3 reviews

    Confetti, sugar coated almonds, have been handed out as wedding favors for centuries. Now you can enjoy these almonds at home! Crunchy sugar coate...

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  • Sperlari Anise Hard Candies - Torrone Candy

    Sperlari Anise Hard Candies

    2 reviews
    Original Price $4.00
    Current Price $3.50

    Fresh anise/licorice flavor and long-lasting! Perfect for the candy bowl! Anise flavored caramelle Gluten Free 7.05 oz Product of Italy Sperlari,...

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