Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
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Our Story


I’m Anne Marie and thank you for stopping by my family business. Here at we have a life-long passion for specialty Italian food.

One of my earliest memories is the feast of Saint Ann’s in Hoboken, New Jersey where my father ran a sausage stand. They called him Tony Sausage and he knew EVERYBODY. Everyone knew me because he named his business after me—Anne Marie’s Concessions.

Dad + Old Sausage Stand

Dad put me to work early but I loved spending time with him and everything about the feasts. The sound of the "That’s Amore", the smell of zeppole, and the tastes of Italy made the feasts feel like home. Plenty of Nonnas pinched my cheeks, but I didn’t mind—it was all part of the experience.

Anne Marie with Torrone Stand 

In the 80s, my father added a candy and novelties stand and Tony Sausage became Tony Torrone. Back then, authentic Italian candy was hard to come by in the states. My dad knew we could do better.

On a trip to Italy to visit me while I was studying abroad, he found a torrone factory in Ospedaletto D'apinolo. He followed a winding road up to the G.M.F. Oliviero Torrone Factory. Tony started selling imported torrone at feasts the following summer. Our customers loved it and we began offering many more imported Italian treats.

Torrone Customers Oliviero Torrone

In 2006, I left my corporate job in New York City, moved to the country with my young family and started I wanted to build upon my father’s business and continue to share our traditions with my own children. Now this business spans three generations with help from family and friends in Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Italy pitching in.

Anne Marie with Baby Kids in Torrone Box


Seventeen years later, I’m still passionate about sharing the magic of the feasts to customers who live all over the USA. I love that we are able to supply Italian treats at your table throughout the year and especially for those important holidays.

Tony Torrone and his right hand Roddy are now retired from the torrone stand but you can find the same torrone and more on our website! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the years to say hello!

Dad + Roddy at Italian Feast

Whether you call it torrone, terrone, turon or “that stuff my grandmother used to have,” I hope you find a taste you remember here on our site. We’re happy to answer any questions. We strive to help you find that perfect addition to your special occasion or one-of-a-kind gift.

Specialty food and novelties are our business. These unique items are the only thing we sell and we only sell what we know is delicious. We research and sample everything we offer. We take pride in our personal touch and we love connecting people with Italian culture. We know you have endless choices for where you shop. Thank you for finding your favorite foods here instead of a mega-store or impersonal large online retailer.

Grazie e buon appetito!

Torrone Stand illustration

Anne Marie and the Andriola Family

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