Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 33 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 33 Years!
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Looking to try something new and delicious, we have some great items arriving! Check back often.

  • Pennisi Sicilian Marzipan - Torrone Candy
    Sold out

    Pennisi Sicilian Marzipan

    Original Price $12.00
    Current Price $9.00

    Pennisi passionately crafts Sicilian almond paste into exquisite, hand-painted fruits, an art form that has been practiced for over a thousand year...

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  • Leone Candy Originals - Cherry - Torrone Candy

    Leone Candy Originals - Cherry

    Original Price $5.75
    Current Price $5.50

    Leone is one of the oldest confection companies in Italy, est.1857. "Turn every moment into a sweet delight!" Burst of cherry in every bite Wrapp...

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  • Cianciullo Onion Tozzetti - Torrone Candy
    Sold out

    Cianciullo Onion Tozzetti

    Original Price $6.50
    Current Price $4.00

    Crunchy, salty, and dry. Similar to taralli but shaped like a small breadstick. Onion flavored Product of Molise, Italy 10.58 An excellent accomp...

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