Send some torrone to your Valentine!
Send some torrone to your Valentine!
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Torrone, a traditional Italian Christmas treat, is a nougat made from sugar, honey, nuts, and egg whites. Dating back to 1441, it first appeared as a nut, honey, and egg white confection shaped to resemble the famous Cremona tower, "Il Torrione". Our customers often comment that torrone reminds them of their childhood. Little pieces or boxes of nougat in their stocking at Christmas or watching torrone being cut with a hammer and cleaver at Italian feasts.

Torrone can be purchased in a variety of forms including bars, cubes, rounds, blocks, and bite-sized pieces. There is hard and crunchy (friable), and soft and chewy (morbido/tenero), torrone. Whichever you prefer, you'll find a wide assortment from the top Italian producers.

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