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Celebrating Italian culinary traditions for over 30 years!
Celebrating Italian culinary traditions for over 30 years!
Italian Torrone Board

Continue the Tradition!!

Torrone, Croccante, Biscotti

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ferrara and la florentine

We have the little blue boxes and the boxes with the portraits!

Just like Nonna would give out!

family Owned

for over 30 years!

Our Favorites

Tony and Anne Marie chat with the hosts of the Italian American Podcast!

Talking Torrone!

My dad, Tony, and I had a great conversation with the hosts of the Italian American podcast! Listen to hear us discuss the tradition of torrone at Christmas, how we transitioned our business from the feasts to the internet as well as some classic New Jersey banter. The Italian American Podcast has over 200 episodes where they have informed discussions about Italian American traditions, everything from struffoli to the malocchio. Thank you Pat, John, and the entire The Italian American Podcast family!
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From Our Family To Yours

Ciao a tutti!

For over 30 years our small, family-run business has offered authentic Italian torrone, biscotti, and specialty foods - the ones you remember from childhood. These exceptional foods connect us to our ancestors and help preserve Italian culinary traditions for the future. We work hard to make your gift or special occasion memorable by selecting only the freshest and most delicious products. These unique confections and novelties are the only items we sell. We sincerely hope you enjoy!

Mangia Bene!

-Anne Marie and the Andriola Family

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