Vacation Notice - We will be closed from 6/12 to 6/18. Orders placed after 9am EST on 6/12 will ship 6/19.
Vacation Notice - We will be closed from 6/12 to 6/18. Orders placed after 9am EST on 6/12 will ship 6/19.
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What do satisfied customers have to say...

TORRONECANDY IS 1 - Exceptional candy and other sweets, exceptional service, beautiful presentation of baskets, and always loved by the people I’ve sent gifts to from TorroneCandy. The Treats from Italy are authentic and so delicious! Some of the best candy and treats I have ever had. I have been a customer for many years. TorroneCandy is always my first choice of a gift for any occasion. I especially love sending a gift from this company to friends from Italy and they love receiving them! Anne Marie and her Dad are two of the nicest people I have ever met. A family business they should be proud of. I’m lucky to have found them. - Customer in MA


Thank you for being so wonderful at what you do. The candy was exquisite. So delicious.  - Customer in CA


Thanks so much for the awesome customer service!! -Cindi


Thank You Anne Marie for going above and beyond in your customer service, providing a note for my 97 year old Aunt's Mothers Day gift!! - Customer in NY

You are my "Go To" business when only that "special gift" will do. The quality of the products you offer are always consistent and fresh. Because of Torrone, multiple mid-westerners have been educated to the Italian/New York culture I grew up with. Thank you for providing a little taste of home. -Customer in Iowa


We had no idea Torrone was made gluten free!  Being of Italian heritage, Torrone candy has always been a holiday tradition in my family.  While at the Fisherman's Feast in the North End, Boston in August, we saw a Torrone stand from the distance.  I told my husband I did not want to even look because I now have to eat gluten free due to digestive issues and didn't want to be reminded that I could not eat Torrone ever again.  My husband walked over and noticed gluten free Torrone and called me over.  We bought the soft nougat with pistachios.  Of course I've eaten it all over the past week weeks. Absolutely delicious.  Thank you! - Customer at the stand in Boston


The most delicious torrone I have ever had - will be a repeat customer for sure! -Customer in Massachusetts


Just received my candy and I love, love, love it!!! Thank you! -Customer in NJ


Quick delivery! Customer service is quick to respond also. -Customer in Missouri


Thank you very much! The package was received and the product was GREAT! I will purchase again from you. Thanks. -Mike


Thank you. My mother couldn't be happier. -Sonia


Good product, quickly delivered, from 1 to 10, a 10 for sure! Thanks -Customer in New York


Enjoyed the Torrone immensely. This is a Christmas tradition for my family. I've missed it so much since going on a gluten free diet. Thanks for making this delicious delight and allowing me to continue the tradition. -Customer in North Carolina


Thank you so much. This is my 2nd order with your company...the first was such a huge hit that I couldn't imagine ordering from anyone else. Thank you for the fine quality and high standards of your products. You have a fan for life!  -Chris


Thank you so much for providing fresh and delicious torrone at a reasonable price. I was so excited to find your website a few years ago and have been delighted by your fast service and great customer service. Thank you for making torrone much more than a Christmas treat.  -Cheryl


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