Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
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TorroneCandy is a family-run and operated business started by Anthony Andriola. As a young boy, he frequently attended Italian feasts in New Jersey and New York with his family, and mesmerized by the sounds and smells that surrounded him year after year, dreamed of one day owning his own stand.

In the 1970s, he decided to start Anne Marie's Concessions, named after his daughter, and began to sell seafood and eventually sausages at local Italian feasts in New Jersey. "Tony Sausage," as he was affectionately referred to, changed to "Tony Torrone" in 1988, when he purchased his first torrone stand.

At that time, there were only a few remaining torrone sellers, and they sold one or two brands at the most. While visiting Anne Marie in southern Italy, where she was studying abroad, Tony spotted a road sign advertising a torrone factory. He followed the signs up a steep, winding road to the G.M.F. Oliviero Torrone Factory in the town of Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo. After a meeting with the owner, Fillipo, and his friendly employees, Tony made the decision to start selling Oliviero torrone the following summer.

Anne Marie's Concessions morphed into TorroneCandy when, in 2006, we opened our online marketplace to provide our loyal customers with the delicious torrone, biscotti, chocolates, and panettone they craved all year long. 

Our family values our customers' loyal patronage, and we look forward to serving them online or meeting them at the next festa. TorroneCandy is now run by Anne Marie, her husband, Jason, and their young helpers, Isabella and Lucia, as well as other family members and friends. You can still find Tony and long-time and absolutely essential employee, Roddy, running the torrone stand at Italian summer festivals throughout the Northeast!

Small businesses survive because of thoughtful customers like you who value customer service and take an extra step in supporting businesses like ours. 

We thank you! 

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Lisa Carbo - June 27, 2022

My daughter and I were at the Italian festival at St Anthony’s in Wilmington Delaware on Sunday She and I both matching bracelets mine broke I want to buy another one can you help me please

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