Preserving Italian Culinary Traditions for over 30 Years!
Preserving Italian Culinary Traditions for over 30 Years!
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Sperlari Morbidelli Assorted Soft Torroncini

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A perfect bite! Classic Sperlari soft torrone packed with almonds in assorted flavors

Sperlari® soft nougat pieces packed with almonds, with citrus, coffee, or vanilla flavor. A soft nougat filling with four different flavorings: lemon or orange, covered with white chocolate, or coffee or vanilla, covered with dark chocolate.

  • Morbidelli Gran Assortimento
  • Soft nougat
  • Lemon or orange covered in white chocolate
  • Coffee or vanilla covered in dark chocolate
  • Individually wrapped, bite-sized pieces
  • Gluten-Free
  • Product if Italy
  • 4.12 oz

Sperlari, in the heart of Cremona, was founded in 1836 by Enea Sperlari who produced some of the finest torrone! Sperlari is renowned throughout Europe and the world for its combination of artisanal and cutting-edge technology.

Label: May contain traces of other tree nuts, milk, and soy. The wheat (glucose) has been processed to allow this food to meet the Food and Drug Administration requirements for gluten-free foods.

Region: Lombardia

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