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Torrone, a traditional Italian wedding favor and Christmas dessert, is a nougat-based sweet made from sugar, honey, nuts, and egg whites. Dating back to 1441, it first appeared as a nut, honey, and egg white confection shaped to resemble the famous Cremona tower, "Il Torrione".

Ideal for Easter baskets or as a gift for Nonna, our customers often comment that torrone reminds them of time shared with their family, watching torrone being cut with a hammer and cleaver at Italian festas when they were children.

Torrone can be purchased in a variety of forms including bars, cubes, rounds, blocks, and bite-sized pieces and comes in two types of consistency:

  • "friabile": hard and crunchy
  • "morbido" or "tenero": soft and chewy

We sell torrone year-round at summer festas and through our online store.