Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
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Last Feast of 2019!! Waiting for products to arrive...

The Last Feast of 2019! 

That's right! Only one more feast! If you've never been to the feast of St. Gerard at St. Lucy's Church in Newark, NJ you should start making your plans to attend the 120th feast of St. Gerard Maiella. Here's a link to all the information that you'll need, including the procession times. We'll be there with the torrone stand to offer biscotti, nuts on the string, keychains, stickers, ceci, and of course torrone! Not only will the torrone stand be there but you'll find sausage and peppers, zeppole, and a whole bunch of great Italian treats. There will be music from the 17th-20th. There's secure parking on site. So stop by!

Grazie To Everyone Who Stopped By The Torrone Stand This Summer!

Thank you to all of our customers who stopped by the stand this year to say hello! It's great to meet new customers and catch up with those who we see each year. Looking forward to next summer!

So what's on tap for the holiday season?

It's starting to get colder up here in Vermont. The leaves are changing and we went to pick up some new skis yesterday! So that means...it's almost time for all of our holiday items to arrive! We play a waiting game each fall. Which products will be the first to arrive, which will be later than originally planned? Which company didn't get their production done before their annual August break? It's frustating and exciting at the same time! 

Usually the first products to arrive are Vital nougat, Antony Berg, and Storz chocolate. Then we'll start to see Antica chocolate truffles, Serra, Leone - there's a bunch of different flavors coming in, Mojito, Amaro, Amaerna Fabbri, and of course their soft jelly candies which are always a hit. Oliviero products should be here around the 25th of October! 

After that the order of arrivals is hard to predict. In the beginning of November we should have panettone from Bauli and Balocco - as well as some new items from them. Amaretti from Amaretti del Chiostro and Brutti ma Buoni! Quaranta torrone should arrive around that time as well. The hot item from last year - Fratelli Motta shelf stable cannoli will be here as well. Figs from Rondo, torrone from Sara, new biscotti that we've never carried before as well as new chocolates. 

Antica Piemontese, Strega, Sapori, mostaccioli, Sorelle Nurzia are usually the last products to arrive. We always hope that they get here before Thanksgiving but sometimes it's not until the first week of December that they've been released from customs and shipped up to us. Fingers crossed that it's on the earlier side this year! There are too many products to list here so check back often and explore our site.

I'm also going to try and get some of the non-food items that we sell at the torrone stand up on the site. Keychains, stickers, etc. These will be great for stockings! 

Remember if there's a product that you're waiting for sign up on the product page and I'll notify you as soon as it comes in. This is especially important for Strega, Sorelle, and mostaccioli as they sell out quickly! You can also email me at info@torronecandy and I will put you on the notify list. 

I'll be putting up the products as they arrive so check back often. I'll also try to update the blog to let you know when I think items will arrive.

Are you wondering why we don't stock the candy all year?

Well, we do bring in some brands all year, Ferrara, La Florentine, Oliviero and a few others but the majority of the brands only ship for the winter holiday season. We could buy for the entire year but then I would be concerned about the quality of what I would be shipping out. We only want to stock and ship what we think is of the highest quality. So if you're waiting for a particular poduct, sign up to be notified of it's arrival. 

Happy fall!



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