Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
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Last Feast of 2018! Vital Nougat here! What's New for the Holidays?

The leaves are changing, we're wearing fall jackets and it even frosted near us in Vermont the other day! I know what that means - the feast season is almost over and the holidays items will start arriving soon!!

I hope that some of you had a chance to visit a feast this summer - whether it was one where we had a chance to say ciao or one on the other side of the country! I think there is even an Italian feast in Hawaii. Perhaps we should ship the torrone stand there?

There is one more feast and it's a great one! The feast of St. Gerard Maiella at St. Lucy's Church in Newark, NJ. It's been going on for 119 years! You'll find zeppole, sausage, torroncini, blocks of hard torrone, andrite, mostaccioli, ceci e fava, music, the procession and more! Hope you can bring your family there this weekend and continue the tradition! If you need info on the feast you can find it on St. Lucy's site.

This is also the time of year when we wait...and wait...and wait for shipments from Italy to arrive. But we don't have to wait any longer for Oliviero products!!!! Were you waiting for Pan di Spagna or Amorelle - chocolate covered cherries, or was it chocolate covered orange peel? There's cranberry torrone and hard hazelnut torroncini. Chocolate covered espresso beans are perfect for a late afternoon pick me up.

Vital Nougat from Belgium is here! Have you tried this yet? There's a few new flavors coming in but we'll have the orange nougat that is so popular as well! 

Some new items have also arrived. Have you ever tried salty licorice?! Well we have some from Sweden and it's truly unique. We also have Anthon Berg nougat and marzipan from Denmark and Storz Nougat.

What else is on the horizon? Well, we heard from you that Bauli and Balocco panettone had been missed the last couple of years so we're bringing it back. Not to worry, we'll still have G. Cova! We'll also have some from Bonifanti! 

Antica Piemontese, Strega, Flamigni and Fiasconaro torrone will make a come back as well. 

 Taralli from Puglia and marzipan from Fratelli Motta!

All these products and more should be here by November!!

Check back often to see new arrivals or sign up on a product page to be notified when it arrives. Better yet, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and/or twitter!  






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