Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 33 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 33 Years!
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Chopping Torrone in Vermont

Ciao a tutti!

Last Saturday, as a business partner of the Vermont Italian Cultural Association (VICA), I was invited to share a table with them and Only Cannoli at the annual Burlington Food and Wine Festival. VICA is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Italian culture in Vermont. The organization holds regular events, both in-person and online, covering various topics such as "How to Become an Italian Citizen" and the "History of Pizza". They also collaborate with the Italian Consulate in Boston to help promote and preserve Italian culture in New England. Last Saturday, despite the rainy weather, we worked together to welcome and offer samples to over 1,000 guests at the festival!

Vermont Italian Associate Table BTV Food and Wine Festival
A few weeks before the event, I broke my foot and thought I wouldn't be able to attend. However, I was determined so I packed up my knee scooter and went down to the Burlington waterfront. We handed out samples of taralli and chopped up a large block of torrone, which initially caused some confusion

among onlookers! But as attendees visited our table, some were filled with nostalgia upon realizing that this was a treat they used to have as kids but hadn't seen in years. I heard many heartwarming stories of how torrone was a Christmas tradition, and attendees kept coming back for multiple samples!


Chopping Hard Torrone

It was a pleasure to bring a taste of Italy to Vermont, educate people about torrone, and bring back happy memories for others. At the end of the night, I was even commended for my ability to chop torrone while balancing on my cast. I look forward to more pop-up events in the future!





Large Blocks Hard Torrone

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