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While this holiday season may have been quite different from past holidays, I do hope that you found time to connect, in some way, with loved ones. We had a blast making zeppole over FaceTime with family! 

This morning I finally got around to answering just some of the wonderful notes that were sent to us. As I poured through the emails, one theme kept popping up, memories. Memories of past holidays, of hard candies in bowls at nonnas, of torrone in stockings, but all of the memories had something in common, joy. A smile on a mother's face as they remembered the taste from childhood, watching grandkids steal another torroncini from the bowl, reliving a trip to Italy where they had their first bite of torrone. And you know what, that brings a smile to my face. This is why we keep going, why we keep at it, working as hard as we can to get all the orders out the door, packing up those baskets with love.

We're trying to provide a little bit joy, especially when joy may not be in abundance. If we can deliver joy, then we've done our job. But we couldn't do it without you. That's why we want to take this time to express our sincere thanks. Thanks for your patience during this crazy shipping season and for supporting small businesses. Your support allows us to continue to offer you the Italian products that help keep the tradition of torrone and our memories alive.

We look forward to serving you in 2021!

The TorroneCandy Family




Written by Anne Marie Andriola — January 13, 2021

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