Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
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Hoboken Italian Festival

Join us on Sinatra drive this evening, Sept. 4th through the 7th. We'll be there with soft and hard torrone, biscotti and nuts. Stop by and say "Ciao!" 

Here's a bit of background on the festival.

The tradition of the Madonna Dei Martiri goes back many years. It was in the year 1399, on the orders of the King of Napoli, Ladislao di Durazzo that the Street Festival and Religious celebration were first combined to celebrate the “Miracle” and blessings of the Madonna. This celebration is traditionally held on September 8, which is the Universal Feast of the Nativity of Mary. The actual “Miracle” of the Madonna occurred many years before this date.

Everyone is welcome at this festival so come on down!

For more info and the feast schedule:





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