Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
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Serra Filled Hard Candies - Siracusa Lemon

by Serra

A delicate, tasty candy filled with the juice and essential oil of the prized Siracusa lemon PGI. The best of Italy’s produce. "Take a dip into Serra world of sweetness!"

  • Candies filled with pure lemon of Syracuse, Sicily (essential oil + juice) 
  • Gluten Free!
  • Made with natural flavors and no artificial colors
  • Made in Italy
  • 3.52oz

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Serra Industria Dolciaria was started in 1947 by Florent Serra and Loredana Ferrari near Serravalle Scrivia in the Piedmonte region. Today their factory is run by their family in Novi Ligure.

Image shows Italian packaging.  Item will have US packaging. 

Region: Piemonte

View Ingredients:

sugar, glucose syrup, concentrated juice of "PGI Lemon of Siracuse", citric acid, natural flavour of “PGI Lemon of Siracuse" Product Disclaimer

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