Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
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Organic Italian Wildflower Honey


Delicious Italian honey! Wildflower honey can vary from opaque white to gold with orange hues, through to brilliant yellow and even hazelnut. It has an enveloping aroma with a bouquet that can reveal floral notes and hints of candied fruit. The flavor is sweet, fruity and floral, with a rich and extensive aromatic range that can reveal surprising aromas that differ considerably depending on the collection season. Wildflower honeys from the plain, hills and mountains are never the same from one year to the next, even when collected in the same locations.

  • Usually crystallized and amber in color
  • Perfect on its own, in tea, or on a cheese plate
  • USDA organic, non-pasteurized
  • Product of Italy
  • 10.58 oz

MIELIZIA offers the finest honeys, which are the culmination of work that all begins with a bee landing on a flower and continues with the fascinating and tireless work of beekeepers, until the product arrives on our dining tables, after scrupulous checks carried out by Mielizia to guarantee freshness and quality. 

Region: Toscana

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