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Torrone Candy

Oliviero Vanilla Torrone Nougat Bar - Soft Almond

This is our most popular soft torrone nougat bar. Almonds, sugar, honey and egg whites are blended together to make this chewy Italian nougat treat. A taste you'll remember!

  • Tenero alle Mandorle - traditional soft almond nougat
  • All natural
  • No cholesterol, low fat
  • Edible "paper" wafer wrapping
  • Delicious
  • 5.3 oz

    The Oliviero family has been producing exceptional Italian torrone since the early 20th century.  Imported from Monteforte Irpino near Avellino, Italy, Oliviero uses only the best ingredients to craft their traditional torrone.

    How about a cube of the same delicious Oliviero soft torrone?