OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
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Celebrazione Gift Basket


Celebrate any occasion with this basket filled with delicious sweet snacks!

  • Crunchy Amaretti del Chiostro di Saronno
  • Oliviero soft assorted torroncini - soft almond torrone covered in milk and dark chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and lemon - substitution will be made
  • Oliviero Torrone Balls Covered in Chocolate
  • Oliviero Tenerosi White Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Oliviero Chocolate Covered Sesame Croccante
  • Ferrara Torrone, Soft Almond Nougat Candy, 6 pieces
  • Oliviero Almond Croccante Bar
  • Sidari geles
  • Serra Filled Hard Candies – Blood Orange
  • Oliviero Croccantini Ricoperti – Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Almond and Hazelnut Brittle
  • Daoli Cantuccini
  • Products of Italy
  • 11 items

(If an individual product is out of stock we will substitute a product of equal or greater value for those listed.)


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