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Sorelle Nurzia Hand Wrapped Torrone - Soft Chocolate Hazelnut

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We have a very limited supply of these bars. We have a smaller version here.

This Sorelle Nurzia from L'Aquila bar of classic, soft chocolate torrone mixed with hazelnuts is hand wrapped in beautiful paper. Not only will the packaging impress but the taste will as well. 

  • Soft chocolate torrone
  • Bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, honey, egg whites - the best ingredients
  • Beautifully hand wrapped nougat bar
  • Product of Bazzano, Italy in the region of Abruzzi
  • 7.05oz
Sorelle Nurzia was established in 1835 by Gennaro Nurzia in L'Aquila. Gennaro's grandson Ulisse, revolutionized the company's offerings when he introduced soft torrone.  Up until that point, torrone was only sold as hard candy. This torrone is exceptional!