OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
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The Sicilian Collection

Sweets that will transport you to the shores of Sicilia!

Sicilian confections are a delightful reflection of the island's rich culinary heritage. From the famous cannoli, to the fragrant almond-based marzipan fruits known as "frutta martorana", and Modica chocolate, Sicilian confections are a true indulgence for the senses. Sweet torrone and croccante are packed with local pistachios, almonds, or hazelnuts.

These confections are not just sweets; they are a celebration of the island's history and a testament to its culinary artistry!

  • Sicilia Lanyard - Torrone Candy

    Sicilia Lanyard

    2 reviews

    Looking for something to hold your badge or keys? Try this Sicilia lanyard and show your pride! Approximately 20 inches

  • Sicilia Car Sticker - Torrone Candy

    Sicilia Car Sticker


    Show pride in your paese with this oval Sicilia decal. Perfect for your car, boat or large water bottle! Approximately 3.5 x 5

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