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Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions for Over 30 Years!
La Florentine Torrone Nougat Candy

More Oliviero and La Florentine Torrone is expected to arrive at the end of July!

Barring any more shipping delays we should have Oliviero and La Florentine torrone at the end of the month! Sign up on on an individual product page to be notified when your favorite product is back in stock!


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Bonnie Tomasi - June 27, 2022

I love La Florentine Torrone treats! They bring me back to my childhood years in my aunt Tootie & uncle John’s small store! They always had them and many other Italian items in their store. Each Christmas & Easter they brought them to the large extended family dinners for all to enjoy. All the kids would keep & collect the little boxes & share them with our friends! Brings back wonderful, warm memories!

Brent Borges - June 27, 2022

Please vnotifyme when Oliviero torroncini are in stock and ready to order


Linda Arcarese Griffith - June 27, 2022

These candies were always given sparingly (WAH_WAH) at Christmas. Here, however, I can order and eat as many as I’d like! Just to gain back some weight that I’ve lost — thank you Dr. Shah!!

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