OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
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Don't Miss Our Winter Sale!! Carnevale Time!

Last chance for certain items - panettoncino, pandorino, panforte and more! Up to 50% off!! 

It's Carnevale Time!! 

When we hear the word carnevale many of us think of Venice.  But for 145 years the town of Viareggio, on the Tuscan coast, has been putting on a spectacular event that spans 5 weeks! Each weekend there is a huge parade on the main corso. And these aren't little floats! My daughter and I were lucky to attend one parade in 2016 and it was very impressive! Here is a great article from the Italian Sons and Daughters of America. 
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