Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
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Bringing The Feast To You!!

First, we hope that you, your family, and friends are all well. We are doing well here although like many of you we are we are navigating new guidelines
and adjusting our routines.
A few months ago we were gearing up for the 2020 festival season - fielding requests for the torrone stand, filling out contracts and placing our orders for the summer's inventory of taralli, biscotti, torrone and novelties. As our inventory was heading to the U.S., we were faced with the reality that the majority of the summer festivals we attend would be cancelled. This is the first year since the mid-seventies that my dad will not be standing in the street trying to get passerbys to stop and shop. The world has changed but we are committed to safely deliviering the best of the feast to you. This year you'll not only find torrone but also a wider selection of tarall, biscotti, bulk products and even novelties.
We're looking forward to seeing you once again at the feasts
but in the meantime we're glad that we can
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