Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
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August Feasts!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Festa di San Donato Ponte Club feast in Waterbury, CT! 
We're getting ready to go to Boston for two of our favorite feasts of the year, The Fisherman's Feast and St. Anthony's! 

The 107th Fisherman's Feast starts this this Thursday, August 17th with a solemn procession of La Madonna Del Soccorso. From Lewis street the procession will head to the Christopher Columbus WaterFront Park for the Annual blessing of the Fishing Waters. Then the band takes over on the main stage! Sausage and peppers, stuffed quahogs, cannolis, and torrone! Be sure to be there for the Flight of the Angel on Sunday night! It's the highlight of the feast! During the day La Madonna is paraded through the streets of the North End accompanied by a band. In the evening a young girl dressed as an angel flies from a third story window down to La Madonna. A short prayer is recited and she's raised back up to the window as the crowd cheers and confetti showers down. It's an amazing site to see! For a detailed schedule of events, click here.

Also, in Boston, the festivities continue on Thursday, August 24th with the Feast of St. Lucy's and lasts all weekend with St. Anthony's Feast! Music, food, an infectious atmosphere! If you've never been here and are in the Boston area, make sure you stop by! You can see pictures and YouTube videos here.



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