Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
Preserving Italian Culinary History For Over 30 Years!
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Last Chance for "Andrite"

This weekend is the Feast of Gerard at St. Lucy's church in Newark, NJ. This is our last feast of the 2015 season. It's gone by so quickly! I hope that you were able to stop by the stand and enjoy some of treats, especially the items that we don't sell on the website site, like "andrite" or nuts on the string. If you haven't made it to a feast, stop by this weekend! 

We're busy preparing for the holiday season. We've spent the last few months sourcing new items and we're waiting for them to arrive. We'll have ricciarelli di Siena, mostaccioli calabrese, liquorette, marzipan and more. We are also expanding our offering of torrone to include torrone from Spain, Belguim, France and Germany! Don't worry, we'll have plenty of Italian torrone including Oliviero, Flamigni, Fiasconaro, Antica Piemontese, Quaranta, Sorelle Nurzia, and Strega Alberti.

Panettone, panforte, confetti almonds, amaretti and more are on the way!

Stay tuned!


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