Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
Celebrating Italian Culinary Traditions For Over 30 Years!
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89th San Gennaro Festival in NYC

The 89th annual Feast of San Gennaro will take place in NYC starting September 10th and continuing on until the 20th. This feast in NYC's Little Italy draws over 1 million vistors! The celebration features free music, parades and processions as well as a wide array of delicious treats. If you're looking for "nuts on a string" make sure you stop by our stand. 

This article appeared in the Daily News. It's about the treats you'll find at the San Gennaro Festival in NYC - including our torrone and nuts on a stringhttp://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/eats/daily-news-samples-san-gennaro-delicacies-article-1.1445749?pgno=1

Our torrone stand will be located at 117 Mulberry St., between Canal and Hester.

For more info, check out the San Gennaro website, their Facebook page or their Twitter feed.

Or watch the action here!



If you missed us in Boston, join us Lodi, NJ this weekend, September 4th-7th for St. Joseph's feast!

Join us in Boston for St. Anthony's Feast this weekend, August 28th-30th! For more information visit their website or follow them on twitter

Many, many years ago while walking around Boston's North End with my father he said, "I smell a feast". I thought he was a little crazy, how can you smell a feast? But as we kept walking, I too could smell the feast. The zeppole, the sausage. As we turned a corner we saw the festival lights, the stands and the band setting up. You could feel the excitement in the air. He was right, you can smell a feast! 

This Thursday, August 13, 2016 we'll be part of that excitement as we open up for the first day of the Fisherman's Feast. If you've never been there before, it's a wonderful, annual event that started in 1910 to honor the dedication of the fisherman from Sciacca, Italy to Madonna. The highlight of the feast is the "Flight of the Angel". From the Fisherman's Feast site, "As the society members bring the Madonna statue home to North Street, two side angels on balconies recite an Italian devotion followed by the entrance of the flying angel from a third story window coming down to the street to meet the Madonna Del Soccorso Di Sciacca. At the end, confetti rains on the scene in an astounding street celebration." It's truly a sight to see! So come join us. Eat some sausage sandwiches, then head over and pick up some torrone, biscotti, andrite and more! August 13th-16th. More info http://www.fishermansfeast.com/schedule.html

Can't make it this weekend? Check out the rest of our schedule.

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