OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
OVER 50 ITEMS ON SALE! $5 Shipping over $50!*
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"Inside every Tumminello biscuit you will find the experience and tradition of over 40 years ."

In 1977, in the Sicilian town of Castelbuono, which has a medieval origin and is located in the heart of the Madonie Park, sisters Arcangela and Rosa, along with their husbands Lucio and Vincenzo, opened the first laboratory for producing biscuits and bread. Today, the tradition continues in Castelbuono. What started as a small artisanal "putia" has now become a small company, equipped with new and modern technologies, but still following the same artisanal processes from 40 years ago.

Tumminello is committed to preserving authentic Sicilian confections.

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