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Torrone Candy

Bulk Oliviero Torroncini - Hard, Soft, Assorted

Looking for a larger amount of torroncini? TorroneCandy is happy to offer our customers the opportunity to buy the same quality torroncini that we sell at the festivals. The Oliviero family now in Monteforte Irpino, has been producing quality torrone since the beginning of the 20th century in Italy. Serve this delicious bulk torrone at your next party.

Torroncini is perfect for wedding favors or for your next family reunion.

Choose from:

  • Hard vanilla almond nougat
  • Soft vanilla almond nougat
  • Soft vanilla pistachio and almond nougat 
  • Soft assorted nougat flavors

Bring a bunch to Nonna's house for Sunday dinner and watch everyone's face light up!