Send some torrone to your Valentine!
Send some torrone to your Valentine!
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5 for $29!! Oliviero Torrone Bars - Mix and Match!


We're bringing the feast to you with a torrone bar sale! Mix and Match some of your favorite bars! Choose bar type from the drop-down box.

To receive the discount, please select five bars and proceed to the cart page where the sale price will be displayed.

Choose between the following select Oliviero bars only:

  • Hard vanilla almond 
  • Hard vanilla hazelnut 
  • Soft vanilla almond
  • Soft vanilla hazelnut
  • Soft pistachio/almond
  • Soft vanilla walnut
  • Pan di Spagna
  • Soft orange almond covered in chocolate
  • Soft chocolate hazelnut
  • Soft chocolate torrone hazelnut covered in chocolate
  • Tenero ricoperto/soft vanilla hazelnut covered in chocolate
  • Friabile ricoperto/hard vanilla hazelnut covered in chocolate
  • Soft limoncello flavor almond coverd in dark chocolate
  • Softlimoncello flavor almond covered in lemon chocolate
Product of Italy. Bars are 5.3oz with the exception of hard almond and hard hazelnut - 4.58oz, soft chocolate hazelnut 6.34oz
    *Must purchase 5 bars for discount. Bar availability, selection, and sale price may change at any time.

      Region: Campania

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