Torrone Candy

It's the season to dig out those holiday recipes. Many of us have recipes that have been passed down through generations sitting in a recipe box. I love to sift through them not only to find something to make but to admire the handwriting of friends and family, some of whom I've never met but yet feel a connection to them through food. You may have recipes for pizzelle, anisette cookies, stuffoli, zeppole or maybe even torrone! During this holiday season we will be posting some of our favorite holiday recipes and we encourage you to try! We'd also love to hear about our customers favorites! #torronecandy


Our first recipe is for anisette cookies. These cookies are so much fun to make, especially with kids! Rolling by hand, dipping in icing and of course all the sprinkles!!! Somehow this recipes gets misplaced by certain family members each year. It never fails that I receive a phone call asking if I have the recipe. This has happened so often that one year I framed the recipe and presented it on Christmas so it would never get lost again! Set aside some time this year to make these with friends and family!


Torrone Souffle 

Anisette Cookies

Torrone Semifreddo 

Espresso Granita/Granita di Caffe Espresso