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Sinatti Panforte Margherita

Pasticcerie Sinatti in Siena uses traditional recipies for their exceptional Tuscan specialties. "PANFORTE MARGHERITA, perfumed with candied fruit and spices, is sometimes called Panforte Bianco and is possibly the most widely sold and well known dessert from Siena. It is a particular sensation of refined sweetness with a ‘dusting’ of powdered sugar. A small part of our city that reaches even the furthest tables and that unites, in the passion of flavor, those who live and enjoy Siena everyday, with those that dream of the beauty and poetry from a distance."

  • Traditional Tuscan dessert
  • Crandied fruit and spices
  • Made in Siena, Italy
  • 3.53oz
Enjoy a small slice after dinner!