Torrone Candy

The wait is on. We've been informed that multiple containers have arrived at the port from Italy! Filled with imported Italian treats like Fiasconaro torroncini and Flamigni torrone and amaretti. Not to mention Oliviero hard and soft nougat is all different flavors! So once they're release by customs and shipped to our warehouse, we'll have them up on the site and ready to buy!

We'll have Quaranta gluten free torrone and Lazzaroni amaretti, Balocco panettone and pandoro by Sunday! Sign up for our newsletter so you'll know when items hit our warehouse. Or sign up on the product page to be the first one to know!

Yes, flat rate shipping of $7.99!! No minimum order! So go ahead and fill that cart with all the Italian torrone, chocolate covered croccante and why not try some hard candies from Serra while your ordering! 

It's Halloween! While I will never refuse chocolate covered peanut butter cups, I'm happier when I'm snacking on some assorted torroncini! Happy Halloween!!


Written by Anne Marie Andriola — October 28, 2016