Torrone Candy

We just received a shipment of Sorelle Nurzia bars!  We have hand wrapped bars of the famous soft chocolate torrone with crunchy hazelnut, as well as soft vanilla with pistachio and almonds. Not to be miss is a new bar that we are featuring, a cinnamon torrone! We also have their delicious, creamy, milk gianduia chocoalte bar!

Sorelle Nurzia was established in 1835 in Bazzano, Italy near L'Aquila. Originally the owner, Gennaro Nurzia was a highly distinguished distiller of spirits. His experiments lead him to create delicious confections. His grandson, Ulisse Nurzia, revolutionized the torrone industry with his creation of soft chocolate torrone.  Up until that point torrone was only hard and crunchy.  With his new recipe of honey, almonds or hazelnuts and egg whites, he was able to produce a soft, chewy torrone.  He also added chocolate which was at the time a precious ingredient and Sorelle Nurzia soft chocolate torrone was born. The company continues to produce high quality torrone today.

We chose to offer their hand-wrapped offerings as the packaging is beautiful and the bars will make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer. Browse Sorelle Nurzia products.

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Antica Torroneria Piemontese is Back in Stock. Check out their cherry torrone!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Written by Anne Marie Andriola — November 19, 2016