Torrone Candy

It's always exciting to receive a shipment of new items and this year is no exception! We already have over 40 new items and there are more on the way! Some exciting new products to check out this fall are the absolutely exceptional William di Carlo almonds from the town famous for confetti almonds, Sulmona. These are not just confetti almonds but toasted almonds, sugar coated with rum and cinnamon. I cannot wait to put these out after the turkey! Along with the vin santo and homemade limoncello! 

If you're a mint person you'll have to see our selection of Leone pastiglie. We are carrying a slew of new flavors including sugar free gummies! Some are on sale right now, but not for long!!

Flamigni torrone is here! We only carry a limited supply so if you're looking for this high quality, hard to find torrone be sure to get it now!!

There's so many more new items and old favorites back in stock! And with $7.99 flat rate shipping, there's no reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving the Italian way!

Trucks - As excited as we are when new items arrive, we're just as disappointed when the shipping trucks do not arrive on time. As was the case yesterday. We were all set to receive our large shipment of Oliviero, Ferrara, and La Florentine when we received a call at 3pm that it was not going to arrive before the end of day. It won't be arriving until Monday. So as much as we plan and arrange schedules sometimes it doesn't work out. But I've put most of the Oliviero in stock so if you order we'll ship out as soon as we have it, either Monday or Tuesday. - UPDATE: THE TRUCK ARRIVED!

Thanksgiving - If you're not able to travel over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house this Thanksgiving send a basket of treats! Check out our ready made baskets. Or if you see other product that you would like to send in a basket, just contact us and we'll be happy to put a basket together.

Looking forward to serving you soon!

Anne Marie

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Written by Anne Marie Andriola — November 05, 2016